Feature Florida Partnerships is all about shared passion and a relentless enthusiasm for rebuilding Florida filmmaking from the grassroots up. 

Your participation in our journey is key. 



Patreon is the ideal platform for participation. You can join the “Keep it Here!” campaign at one of three different levels – $3, $6, or $15 per month – and become a participant in a patrons-only conversation through our exclusive Facebook group. This is a two-way dialogue: we talk to you about developments at FFP and our consultancy work to create regional financing funds and we listen to your ideas and thoughts about how to grow Florida filmmaking again, what kinds of workshops and seminars might interest you, and how to follow up the success of “Create it Here!” with another new program for Florida creators. We need your energy. We need you to be talking amongst yourselves about how to expand FFP. We hope you join the campaign today!

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