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The “Keep it Here!” campaign is the heart and soul of the Feature Florida Partnerships effort to bring motion picture production back to the Sunshine State. To this end, the primary FFP focus now is to assist in the creation of regional financing funds. These will be autonomous for-profit companies with their own management structure and independent ownership; Feature Florida Partnerships will be engaged on a consultancy basis only.

The vision is to establish three regional funds – comprising the four-county South Florida region, the Tampa-Orlando corridor, and the Northeast Florida triangle of Jacksonville, Deland, and Daytona. Each will be privately controlled and free from state-level involvement, maintain an emphasis on preservation of capital, employ strict industry-standard underwriting criteria, and provide first-committed, first in/first out financing to feature film and limited episodic television projects in the $2 million to $8 million budget range.

As of mid-May 2021, preparation of the private placement memo and various other documents required to solicit investment into these funds is nearing completion. We anticipate that the FFP Florida Film Fund One / South Florida will be the first company created. Solicitation of investments into this Fund will be the priority over the summer with fall 2021 the target date for start of operations.

With total capital of $3 million and the ability to engage 3 to 4 productions over the first two years, we anticipate rapidly increasing focus on Florida by production entities both domestic and foreign once this first Fund is off the ground.

Certainly, word-of-mouth is an important component in this effort. We hope everyone who visits this page will tell others about what we’re doing. A great – and very inexpensive – way to participate in FFP is by joining the “Keep it Here!” campaign as a patron for as little as $3 per month.

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