November 9, 2021

The program now has a preference for stories that are commercially viable, deal with issues of relevance to current-day or historic Florida, and are culled from the deep ethnic and cultural diversity of our state.

We anticipate relaunching the program in January 2022.

To discuss the “Create it Here!” program, email


Launched in mid-September 2020, “Create it Here!” enables Florida content creators to access professional “eyes” to look at their work. It assists aspiring Florida filmmakers throughout the entire project development cycle, and is the first FFP program to be offered as part of the “Keep it Here!” campaign.

Here’s how it works.

We solicit finished screenplays from creators who have a Florida connection – whether you call Florida home, you grew up here, you live here now, you graduated from a Florida film school and live somewhere else but want to move back, whatever.

Our preference is for Florida stories that use recognizable Florida locations and explore present-day issues; however, whatever your project is, we’re interested in reading it as long as it’s in screenplay form.

There are two phases to the “Create it Here!” program.

  • Phase One – Script reading. FFP solicits script submissions for reading and evaluation by a professional. Find out if your script idea has legs and a strong story line, where it’s weak and where it’s strong, and whether it’s do-able within a modest budget range. The charge to submit a script is $75.00. Take the first step and contact Chris Ranung at to make it happen.
  • Phase Two – Script development and notes. If FFP has serious interest in your script, we’ll connect you with a professional coach who will work directly with you to develop your story – dialogue, narrative, cadence, where it needs cutting/where it needs fleshing out, how to make the script tight, powerful, and most importantly sellable. Completion of Phase Two means you have refined and redrafted your script multiple times to the point that you own professional “coverage” and can market your screenplay to the industry with confidence. You invest up to $250 for this service; FFP picks up the balance, a $1000 commitment to you!

If your story is strong and fits our vision – and if we have funds available – we may assist you in budget breakdown and project development, the next steps to making your project commercially viable. Such assistance would be through contrctual agreement only.

The FFP commitment is to bring Florida stories alive, either as feature films or in limited episodic format, and to help their creators cast, crew, and film them here in the Sunshine State.